Cogreenie is a cleantech start-up helping people lease and rent solar energy and in return earn decent monetary income from the energy generated.

We discovered that most people in Nigeria especially those in the rural communities do not have access to clean energy due to the huge cost of setting up a clean energy system.

Knowing that the sun is one of humanity’s most valuable, yet underutilised resources, we want to intelligently make solar energy affordable for all via a affordable and convenient financing method

We have the right offer perfect for you

With Cogreenie, you can either save more money or make money with either our Pay-as-you use model or lease-to-earn model. These options are available to all and easy to begin with.

We Care About The Environment

Cogreenie is here to stay. We want to help protect our dear planet Earth by helping communities use clean energy to power their homes, offices and business area.

Join our quest today!

Things You Should Know About Cogreenie

Cogreenie provides an affordable and convenient financing method for people and businesses to transition into solar energy

Cogreenie is trying to achieve SDG goal number 7 which is Affordable and Clean Energy

It is quite easy with our Pay- as- use rental model. You get solar power installed for free without any upfront payment before installation and then you pay a monthly subscription token to use the solar energy generated by the device. This model runs for a period of 15 years after which the solar panels is given to you at a token.

Earning with Cogreenie is as simple as ABC. To earn, you just have to lease your solar cells to others and you get paid every month.

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