For a very long period of time Nigerians have been forced to endure epileptic power supply. To get light at the time you want, you need to have an alternative. For decades, the alternative available to Nigerians had been using generator which can either be powered by petrol of diesel. This is very costly in the long run and causes air pollution.

With Cogreenie, you can earn from solar powering schools, businesses and communities in the Nigeria. Cogreenie is a clean tech organization that provide affordable solar energy to Nigerians. To do this, we need partners and investors like you to help us achieve our goals with our lease-to-earn model.

How It Works

  1. We look for communities in dire need of electricity

Cogreenie identifies schools, businesses and organisations that are in need of clean solar energy. Our network of experienced solar engineers carefully evaluate proposed solar projects.

  1. Solar project is put up for crowfunding

Once solar projects have been evaluated and the communities, schools or business have agreed to pay per use, we then run a crowd sale for the solar cells that will power the project on our mobile app.  Any individual or organisation, anywhere in the world, can sign up to be a Cogreenie member and buy solar cells, even starting with a single solar cell.

  1. Indicate Interest In Our Lease To Earn Model

You can indicate your interest in our lease to earn model, by filling this form here. Your solar cells will:

  • Generate clean energy
  • Make a positive social and environmental impact
  • Earn income as you lease them to schools, businesses and other organisations
  • Reduce your carbon footprint for years to come
  1. Make Payment

All payments should be made to our bank account.

  1. Installation of Solar Cells

Once a solar cell crowdsale sells out, installation of the solar project begins. Our team of experienced solar engineers will install and handle the solar project. This process normally takes about a month to be completed.

  1. Start earning

Your lease starts when your solar cells start generating electricity.  Schools, businesses or organisations pay you to use the clean electricity your solar cells produce.  Your monthly solar income, net of insurance and servicing fees will be visible and accessible on the Cogreenie mobile app and you will regularly get email notifications too. You can withdraw your money anytime you want.

Want to make money while making the environment a better place, join our lease-to-earn model. Get started today by signing up to become a member and get notification once a new solar project is up for crowdfunding

Whether you are sure you want to lease solar energy with us or not, you can always email us at to request for a demo and get a walk through the process.